Who We Serve

The CUES Schools educate, support and empower east Omaha children.

The CUES School System consists of three schools in east Omaha. We provide quality education for preschool through 8th grade children with individualized student and family support services that connect families to community resources.

Our combined school profile consists of 573 students.✶93% of our students are people of color.

Our focus areas include 5 key areas – Strong Governance, Academic Assessment, Academic Initiatives, Parental Engagement, Student and Family Support Services.

At a Glance Impacts


of CUES students attend our Community Partners’ after-school programming.


of our students receive health care services through our Community Partners.


of CUES alumni graduated from high school in 2022, compared to approximately 74% for Omaha Public Schools.

What Makes Us Unique?

Centralized Governance Model

This centralized model of governance allows us to gain insight and knowledge from our Board of Governors who are expert educators in Omaha. Our Board of Governors is committed to providing an upward success pattern for our students and families. As well, this form of governance allows our 3 principals to work together for best possible outcomes across the school system.

Academic Assessment Tools

CUES School System uses a variety of academic assessment tools to obtain data that allows teachers to individualize instruction based on students’ strengths and areas of need.

New Academic Initiative

Blended Learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and traditional classroom methods. It can be said that the blended learning method combines the best of both worlds in a manner that is less costly, time-saving and more personalized. Studies suggest that blended learning helps to close the education gap among low-income students in the areas of reading and math. In 2017, this model of learning was implemented across all three schools in Pre-K through 8th grade with a focus in reading and math.

With 2020 social gathering restrictions, CUES Schools utilize online learning for all students. Teachers may now instruct using virtual online methods across all disciplines.

Strategic Community Partnerships

Each of our three schools have intentional partnerships with various organizations throughout the community. These partnerships help to serve the whole family. Services provided by our partners include:

  • Mentoring and tutoring services.
  • Before-care, after-care and summer programming.
  • Behavioral health services.
  • Extracurricular activities in performing arts and sports.
  • Adult programming: ESL Classes and Financial Literacy.
  • Interpretation and translation services and case management.
Student and Family Support Services

Our students and families face unique challenges. We provide individualized support to improve each family’s circumstances and positively impact home life for students. CUES has partnerships with community resources for food, medical and dental needs, social workers and job training programs. We identify urgent needs and connect families to transportation, employment, utility and rent assistance. We provide parenting classes, financial literacy and technology resources to ensure students can learn outside the classroom. In addition to this support, we build strategic community partnerships to provide programs that expand learning, teach life skills, and go beyond elementary education. We help graduates receive scholarships and we track their success.

Parental Engagement and Accountability

Each school has implemented a PAC (Parent Ambassador Committee) where parents are strongly encouraged to play a bigger role in their child’s education.

Our Schools

Founded in 1904 in North Omaha

Founded in 1955 in South Omaha

Founded in 1918 in North Omaha