Hearts of CUES


Friends of the Heart (formerly Friends of the Heart Guild) began over 20 years ago to support Sacred Heart School. When the CUES School System changed their mission to support additional schools, Friends of the Heart realized they needed to expand their mission as well. In 2018, Friends of the Heart formerly changed their name to Hearts of CUES and now graciously supports all three CUES Schools. The Hearts of CUES is an auxiliary board within the CUES Fund. The board is dedicated to making a difference in a child’s life through educational and enrichment programs, library funding, fund raising and spreading the mission of the CUES School System and CUES Fund. Annual membership requires a donation to the Hearts of CUES board. There are volunteer events and social events throughout the year. All of these efforts and funds go to support the missions of CUES School System and the CUES Fund.

Board Members

Liz Crosson

Terri Laughlin

Mary Morinelli

Kathy Mrla

President Advisor
Ania Gilgenast