A Summer of Learning Appeal

Meet Paul and Pauline, they are third-grade twins attending All Saints School. This summer they have the opportunity to spend time with their friends while learning. Please help provide a summer of learning for Paul, Pauline and their friends!

A message from the CUES School System President, Fr. David Korth

A Summer of Learning

For the first time, all three schools are offering summer programming. Our purpose is to maintain and improve upon academics, social emotional learning, and enrichment opportunities brought about by the challenges of this school year. By keeping our children connected to our schools during the summer months, we will be able to continue our mission of providing quality education and sharing God’s Love, Kindness and Excellence.

Our summer programming will cost our schools an additional $100,000.

We are making a special appeal so hundreds of children may return to the classroom during the summer months.The nation is facing one of its biggest educational challenges in history and students have fallen behind. In a report published by USA Today, the disruption in learning has taken the heaviest toll on students of color and students from families with low incomes. The pandemic has led to fewer learning opportunities for children, more families needing support, and a growing concern for our children’s social well-being.

For more than a century, the CUES Schools have successfully nurtured and educated children in Omaha’s east neighborhoods. We are an anchor in the community, helping hundreds of families during critical emotional and financial times. We believe the children in our neighborhood schools should have the same opportunities as children in affluent neighborhoods to engage in fun summer activities.

Quick Facts

    • Our families live in neighborhoods that are 42% below Omaha’s median income, and 94% require tuition assistance
    • Children living in poverty have a 30% chance of social-emotional incompetency
    • Families need a safe environment for children during the workday
    • This summer program will be offered at no cost to families