The CUES School System announces the addition of preschool at Sacred Heart School located at 2205 Binney St, Omaha, Neb.  The school system now offers preschool through eighth grade education at all three of its schools – Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name.  All Saints and Holy Name have offered preschool programming for years and the decision to add programming at Sacred Heart was made in support of the increased demand in the neighborhood.

We will utilize our program experience to make a positive impact for all families in in our school system and make the transition into kindergarten seamless,” said Jennifer Sturgeon, chief academic officer for the CUES School System. 

Evidence demonstrates that experiences from birth through age 5 are critical to children’s development. Yet despite the long-term benefits of early childhood education, many children lack access to integrated, inclusive early learning experiences before kindergarten.

Successful coordination between preschool and kindergarten helps to lay the groundwork for a child’s positive school experience. If this transition does not go well, children can be turned off to learning and school at an early age. By aligning standards, curricula, instruction and assessments between preschool and kindergarten, children can experience a seamless pathway that sets them up for future success.

CUES preschool programming focuses on shaping a child’s attitude toward school in a nurturing environment where young children can thrive both academically and in creative play time, which is proven to increase self-esteem and develop fine motor skills.

The preschool program is fully enrolled for this school year due to the needs of families that have other children in a CUES school, but the schools offer an opportunity for enrollment in February of each year. Children attend preschool from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Daily schedules include play, story time, songs, large-group and small-group learning, recess, snack and access to our school library, music program, and physical education.

“Our curriculum helps children grow and learn what they need to know to become ready for school, including age-appropriate mathematics, literacy, science, social studies and art,” said Sacred Heart principal Mike Jensen. “This is in addition to learning positive values that create character and teach children how to become a good friend to others.”

CUES tuition rate for preschool programing is lower on average than Omaha area childcare centers, and grants are available for tuition assistance depending on the family’s financial means.