About CUES

The CUES School System provides quality education with individualized support to students and families.
Our three schools are located in Omaha – Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name. 

Our Vision: CUES will be recognized as a world-class model for providing transformative education through a faith-based culture, documented academic success and community engagement & support.

Our Culture: The CUES School System is rooted in Catholic faith and values. We share God’s love, kindness, and excellence.

The CUES Fund is a nonprofit organization that secures financial support through private donations to fully fund CUES Schools.

Who we serve

Serving over 600 students, the schools in the CUES School System anchor to their Omaha neighborhoods, CUES provides a safe place for students to learn academic, social, and interpersonal skills. Our schools play a vital role in keeping our community strong and vibrant. We provide children in east Omaha neighborhoods an opportunity to experience a quality faith-based education and receive support beyond the classroom.

Many of these children are from at-risk neighborhoods. We rely on the community to get involved to keep these schools open.


DATA FROM 2023-2024


of CUES students are children of color.


of CUES students qualify for free and reduced meal programs


of CUES students qualify for financial education assistance


are NOT Catholic


of CUES students live in single parent households

What do we do

The CUES School System consists of three schools in east Omaha. We provide quality education for Pre-K through 8th grade children with individualized student and family support services to connect families with community resources.

What Makes Us Different

• Tailored Education + Common Core Curriculum

• Blended Learning, Interactive Learning, STEM Education

• Evidence Based Curriculum (whole group, small group, and individual instruction)

• Social Emotional Support

• Family Support for Basic Needs within the Home

Why our mission is so important

Our schools play a vital role in keeping our community strong and vibrant. CUES has been supporting youth in east Omaha since 1975.

Studies prove poverty negatively effects youth brain development and impacts the ability to learn, and 45% of children born into poverty repeat the cycle by age 35.

Many CUES School System students come from some of the most impoverished zip codes in Omaha; 65 percent of our families live in neighborhoods that fall 42 percent below Omaha’s median income. CUES Schools give these families the same opportunities found in other neighborhoods. students perform better academically, socially, and emotionally when they have the support and resources they need outside of the classroom.

How can you help?

Support the CUES Fund with a gift today. Check out our additional giving options.