Holy Name School

Holy Name School has been educating North Omaha students, preschool through eighth grade, for over 100 years.

At Holy Name School parents work with school staff to determine tuition assistance and family contribution.


To educate children of diverse backgrounds to be academically prepared, compassionate toward others, and rooted in the Catholic Christian community.


Opened in 1918 at 2901 Fontenelle Blvd.

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  • 63% of students qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch*

  • Our Students Receive A Well Rounded Education

    • Holy Name School’s curriculum incorporates a strong reading and math emphasis, which is grounded by religious values.
    • Preschool through 8th grade students are individually challenged based on their academic development.
    • Technology classes are taught at all grade levels. Technology is utilized in every classroom.
    • The Guided Reading and Guided Math Programs help students develop reading skills and strategies to demonstrate progress and growth beyond their current level.
    • Full day, high quality early childhood education for 3, 4, and 5-year old students. Special teachers for music, technology, Spanish, health, and physical education.
    • A Blended Learning Environment

Instructional Goals

Holy Name School strives to graduate students who live by Christian values, demonstrate strong academic skills, and are prepared to take their place in society as productive citizens. We do all this in an effort to teach as Jesus did.

Holy Name Students will:

  • Express a belief in God and in the values expressed in the Gospels.
  • Demonstrate competency in core disciplines and appreciation of fine arts.
  • Access and use information effectively.
  • Apply technology effectively and morally.
  • Display global awareness and an understanding of the diversity of cultures. Identify specific, personal goals for future education and careers.

After School Care

The Hope at Holy Name After School Program has limited openings, however many students attend Girls Inc. or Northstar after school.

Extracurricular Activities

Holy Name strives to give each child the opportunity to excel. To that end, we provide the students may opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Learn more about our extracurricular activities:


Enrollment at Holy Name School

Are you interested in having your child(ren) attend Holy Name School? Please click here to see our enrollment guidelines and get more information.