Meet Margaret

My name is Margaret. I’m a single mom with three kids. I used to worry about the future for all my children. Now, with your support of the CUES School System, my kids have promising futures ahead because of its quality education and how they focus on my entire family’s well-being.

My kids started their education in public school. From bullying to not getting along with teachers, we had many challenges in those early years. My kids cried. They did not like school. I felt powerless. I wanted to make things better for them but did not know how.

Samiyah, my youngest, was in second grade when another family member told me about All Saints, one of the three CUES schools. I knew kids did well there, many going on to high school and then college. But I was nervous. I worked in a meat packing plant and had no idea how I would pay for three kids to attend All Saints School.

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I discovered support from donors like you make it possible for parents to give their children a faith-based education even if they can’t afford it. I knew I needed to make a change.


All Saints School transformed my kids. They liked school. They made friends. Parent-teacher conferences became pleasant. Your generous gifts gave the teachers the resources needed to spend one-on-one time with my kids, especially Samiyah.

Now in eighth grade, Samiyah faced challenges in the classroom. With your support, a Boys Town LIFT Together Student Support Specialist helped her develop social skills and new ways of coping with frustrations. Samiyah has become a leader in her class and is touring high schools.

My oldest daughter, Hathia, plans to attend college after finishing her senior year at Marian High School.

My son, Sam, is a sophomore at Creighton Prep. All Saints helped me enroll Sam into Loyola Scholars in sixth grade, which gave him a full high school scholarship.

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CUES does more than just teach. Shortly after my kids started at All Saints six years ago, I met Jim Swanson, (Mr. Swanny), Director of Student and Family Support. I immigrated to the United States from South Sudan in 1999.

My parents died when I was young, so I have been on my own for a long time. People like Mr. Swanny were there when I needed them most. He always listens, encouraging me and my family along the way.

Before CUES, I did not have the tools I needed to help my children thrive. I did not know how I would make school better for my kids. Now I have a support system I needed at All Saints and CUES.

There are still challenges; however, I know CUES will be there for me every step of the way. I am blessed to be part of the CUES family.

Your contributions give families like mine access to a quality, values-based education. Because of the family support services, I am confident in my ability to be there for my kids. I no longer must face the world alone.

You can help other parents grow their confidence like I did. Please give other east Omaha kids access to field trips and after-school care so their parents can work. These vital services cannot continue without community support.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Your donations support many other kids, so they have promising futures, too!