Two CUES students have been accepted into Mount Michael Benedictine for the Fall of 2022, through the Fellowship of Knights program.
Holy Name eighth-graders Charles and Emmanuel received tutoring and mentoring through the Fellowship of Knights for the past five months and spent five days over Christmas break at Mount Michael working on various academic and 21st-century skills. Charles said, “We worked on our strengths and weaknesses, which then helped us build academic success as well as develop confidence for beginning a new chapter in our lives.”
Through hard work, perseverance, and dedication both students passed their entry exams, received letters of recommendation from teachers and others, and were awarded scholarships to attend Mount Michael.
Charles and Emmanuel credit their English teacher, Ms. Snook, for her mentorship and tutoring, “Ms. Snook challenges us in writing compositions and pushes us to be the best we can be,” said Emmanuel.
“Without the constant support of Mr. Swanny these opportunities would not be possible,” said Emmanuel. According to CUES Student & Family Support Director, Jim Swanson “Swanny”, the support and encouragement came from the entire Holy Name community who embraced Emmanuel, his mom, and his siblings.
Mr. Swanny connects students and families to community resources to help provide a promising future for all CUES Students and was instrumental in mentoring this opportunity for both students. “We can encourage and connect families to opportunities, but we can’t do the work for them,” said Swanny. “We are so proud of these two for the hard work they put into realizing this opportunity!”
Both students are looking forward to eighth-grade graduation and their futures. They are already talking about education beyond high school. Charles has aspirational goals about business and wants to be an entrepreneur. Emmanuel wants to explore science and engineering. They are both interested in career paths that give back to their communities. In the near future, they plan to attend a summer learning opportunity at Mount Michael, study hard, and get involved in sports. They are both very grateful for all the support they received from their CUES family.